This is my noodle bowl. I really like the color of it, I glazed it in dark blue. I believe it turned out really good and I hope you do too.

Noodle Bowl 2011


This is my coil bowl. I made this by hand, putting coils on top of each other. This was very challenging but I think it turned out good. The color looks pretty cool.

Coil Bowl 2011


This is my final project. For our final project we had to make three identical bowls. I glazed all three in iron red and I think they turned out really good.

Final Project 2011


This is one of the mugs I had to make. I pulled a handle, it was a very interesting experience, but I think it turned out neat.

Mug 2011


This my bowl that I had to attach a handle to. I pulled the handle and to glaze it I splatter painted it, I am glad with the way it turned out.

Bowl with Handle 2011